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The report also discusses each country's regulatory restrictions, as well as the treatments available for opioid dependence such as withdrawal management, maintenance, and psychosocial support.
What is needed now is a coherent strategy that deals directly with our fundamental geopolitical dilemma: How to grow our economy while reducing our dependence on imported energy and, over time, carbon-emitting fuels.
It also measured the prevalence of alcohol dependence.
The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is seeking research grant applications on the role of gene-environment interactions underlying susceptibility to alcohol-related phenotypes including alcohol dependence, relapse, withdrawal; alcohol-induced organ damage including neurodegeneration, cirrhosis and other liver diseases, pancreatitis, cardiomyopathy, immune disorders, cancers, and alcohol-induced birth defects.
These results take into account a number of variables related to early drunkenness and change little when students' frequency of binge drinking and alcohol dependence are included as controls.
Dependence on cannabis is associated with an increased risk of psychosis, while dependence on heroin is associated with a decreased risk of psychosis, said Dr.
Nicotine dependence makes it much harder for a person to quit smoking cigarettes.
Identify current federal guidelines from these choices: (a) clinicians should reduce use of pain-relieving drugs, especially narcotics, because current practices rely too much on expensive medication and may create drug dependence among the elderly; or (b) clinicians should increase use of pain-relieving drugs, including narcotics, because current practices are overly cautious and lead to unnecessary suffering; or (c) both of the above.
7 percent, had a secondary disability of substance abuse or dependence.
Pipeline Insight: Substance Dependence - Part II: Alcohol
7]/kHz difference in linear frequency dependence between the "exchanged" and "normal" position fits of Figs.
Some important factors which may cause results to differ include: dependence on King's and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals' ability to successfully market Altace(R) under the co-promotion agreement between King and Wyeth, dependence on the development and implementation of successful marketing strategies for Altace(R) by King and Wyeth, dependence on the development and implementation of successful marketing strategies for Levoxyl(R), dependence on the potential negative effect on sales of Levoxyl(R) as a result of the potential development and approval of a generic substitute for Levoxyl(R), dependence on the potential effect on sales of Levoxyl(R) as a result of the U.
A long-term study in New Zealand now links elevated violence rates in young adults to the presence of at least one of three psychiatric ailments--alcohol dependence, marijuana dependence, and a range of psychotic experiences and beliefs called schizophrenia-spectrum disorder.
Keyboard design is thus the classic example of ``path dependence,'' the idea that small, random events at critical moments can determine choices in technology that are extremely difficult and expensive to change.