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Synonyms for dependant

Synonyms for dependant

a person who relies on another person for support (especially financial support)

contingent on something else

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addicted to a drug

References in classic literature ?
The dialogue which they maintained between them, was carried on in Anglo-Saxon, which, as we said before, was universally spoken by the inferior classes, excepting the Norman soldiers, and the immediate personal dependants of the great feudal nobles.
Osborne's countenance, when he arrived in the City at his usual time, struck those dependants who were accustomed, for good reasons, to watch its expression, as peculiarly ghastly and worn.
And if our reason did not teach us this and much beyond; if we were such idiots as to close our eyes to that fine mode of training which rears up such men; should we not know that they who among their equals stab and pistol in the legislative halls, and in the counting-house, and on the marketplace, and in all the elsewhere peaceful pursuits of life, must be to their dependants, even though they were free servants, so many merciless and unrelenting tyrants?
Dependants, to respect us, must be--ha--kept at a distance and--hum--kept down.
The Parental Leave Directive introduced the right to unpaid dependants leave and this is now contained within the Employment Rights Act 1996 Q.
What are some examples of circumstances when time off for dependants may be taken?
To assist the contracted employers in achieving their goals of decreasing the overall costs of their self-insured benefits related to pregnancies and improving birth outcomes, Matria will be enrolling the pregnant employees and dependants into the obstetrical assessment and education program.
From December 15, 1999 employees have had a right to take reasonable time off work to deal with unexpected problems involving dependants.
There is no statutory right to be paid for time off for dependants although an employee may have a contractual right to be paid.
To provide assistance or to make arrangements for the provision of care when a dependant falls ill, gives birth or is injured.
Where arrangements for caring for a dependant unexpectedly break down.