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gate where passengers embark

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Ryanair sent emails detailing the ban to passengers, saying bags would now be searched at departure gates.
The airline sent emails detailing the ban to passengers, saying bags would now be searched at departure gates.
Direct Line, a UK-based travel insurance company, has reported that the distance between the London Gatwick airport terminal and its farthest departure gate is 1.
The carrier advised passengers that all of its services are operating normally but travellers need to allow plenty of time at the airport to arrive at their departure gate in time for their flight.
Police were called after the plane returned to the departure gate and the Oscar-nominated Depardieu was ordered off.
e was eventually cleared to travel and allowed to pass through to the departure gate.
Between 1 July and 30 September 2011 Virgin America travellers will be able to check out the new Chromebook at their departure gate and take the new notebook computer onto selected Virgin America flights.
Points covered in the following presentation include: - Booking of the trip - Transportation to the departure airport - Checking in at the departure airport - Airport amenities utilized - Getting to the departure gate - On-time departure - The flight experience - Changing flights (if applicable) - On-time arrival at the final destination airport - The baggage claim experience - Transportation from the destination airport Results are presented by-airport and by-airline as appropriate.
Staff at the departure gate wouldn't let Bird on the plane.
but at the departure gate at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris we learned our Air Zaire ticket wouldn't be accepted by TWA.
It is situated opposite the airline's departure gate (number 54) in the new international pier in Terminal 1.
Then I was informed at check-in, at Newquay airport, that, in order to pass through the departure gate, I had to pay a mandatory pounds 5 towards the airport''s expansion plan
BUENOS AIRES -- Bishop Richard Williamson is escorted to a departure gate moments before boarding a plane for London on February 24.
Steve Turner, Unite national officer, said: "Last-minute charges levied at the departure gate for excess baggage can hit cash-conscious holidaymakers hard.
In an article in the Sunday Mirror, she wrote: "We need to look carefully at improving the landing patterns and reducing emissions from aircraft as they move from the departure gate to take-off.