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Synonyms for department

Synonyms for department

a component of government that performs a given function

a sphere of activity, experience, study, or interest

Synonyms for department

the territorial and administrative division of some countries (such as France)

a specialized sphere of knowledge

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Browse through the TOC of global departmental PACS market for an in-depth analysis of the industry trends and segments, with help of various tables and figures.
The lots that make up the consultation are - Lot no1: Purchase of books (including books homothetic) and read texts of general literature (fiction and documentary) for adults for the departmental library- Lot # 2: Purchase of books (including books homothetic) and literature read texts (fiction and documentary) for youth for the departmental library- Lot No.
Official sources of Cabinet Division told APP here the road from Metro to NESCOM Chowk, has been repaired through departmental labour and road frothy.
DSP Bisham Saleem Jadoon on various public complaints against his integrity and morality and had ordered departmental inquiry against him.
The chief safety officer and the IT security coordinator distribute a 20-page risk assessment questionnaire regarding departmental assets, policies, and procedures.
Notwithstanding this guidance, the Department has a legal responsibility to provide a limited amount of publicly accessible information associated with each Departmental purchase card account.
Gluecode helps Java developers, small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) and departmental users reduce the complexity of application development by pre-integrating the most common services for building mainstream Java applications.
So we set out to create a more effective reward system by combining motivational theory, the experience of other departments, and our own departmental needs.
From departmental CIFS or NFS file servers to enterprise NAS deployments, a common set of well documented issues arise--including file management, scalability and utilization rates--and enterprise end users now increasingly understand the rocky road involved with managing independent NAS devices as discrete "one-off" resources.
In addition, information in the book can aid in updating law enforcement departmental policies and procedures.
htm, provides a six-step process in the development and implementation of a departmental assessment plan.
Expertise demanded a narrow and technical training which could be supplied only by a departmental structure.
One software program that I have used extensively to perform equipment management and departmental organization is the Lotus Approach 3.
Deeming the more effective protection of child and adolescent workers a means of national regeneration after the Franco-Prussian War, the monarchist Moral Order in 1874 introduced 15 salaried divisional inspectors, expected to oversee a larger number of inspectors paid by departmental administrations.
With Xytech Systems' software, Crawford Communications is now able to combine an array of manual and departmental systems into one complete end-to-end solution that runs the entire company, including workflow management, scheduling, asset library management, and integrated accounting and billing.
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