department of corrections

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the department of local government that is responsible for managing the treatment of convicted offenders

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He was given credit for 504 days served and sentenced to three months in the Department of Corrections.
The public should be encouraged by the level of activity throughout the Department of Correction to address improvements identified by the Independent Review team, said Claire DeMatteis, Special Assistant.
Dental treatment in the Georgia Department of Corrections requires a fee for service and/or copay.
After receiving AU's letter, Justin Jones, director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, said he had no intention of getting involved with the Wakita prison.
Without additional staff or expense, the Washington State Department of Corrections enhances supervision of offenders through the use of police officers who provide patrol coverage 24 hours a day.
They are suing CMT Blues, the garment labels that subcontracted the T-shirt manufacturer, Donovan's warden, other prison officials, and the California Department of Corrections for labor law violations, civil rights violations, and fraud.
The Department of Corrections is basically there to warehouse people and punish them, and that's what they do," says Cory Weinstein, a physician affiliated with the Prisoner's Rights Union in San Francisco.
Pinkston, 32, of Cambria received a two-year sentence to the Illinois Department of Corrections followed by a one-year period of supervised release for a charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamine that occurred May 2, 2015.
Christopher Tanis, program director I, Indiana Department of Corrections, Parole Services, Gary, Ind.
Officials believe Palomares' group - which included then-LAPD Officers William Ferguson and Jesse Moya, then-Long Beach Police Department Officer Joseph Ferguson and Department of Corrections Officer Rodrigo Duran - staged fake robberies at houses after Palomares received information that the locations were drug havens.
A class action lawsuit was brought on behalf of women incarcerated by the Alabama Department of Corrections.
Prior to 1983, the Colorado Department of Corrections, like most prison systems, employed outside law enforcement officers to investigate felony crimes.
PHS) has received notification from the Vermont Department of Corrections (VDOC) of its intent to enter into negotiations for a new contract for the provision of medical services to approximately 1,700 inmates in eight correctional facilities across the state.
Tenders are invited for Mini-Split Air Conditioning System for Department of Corrections, Southeast Correctional Center
Perry Stagg, assistant warden, Louisiana Department of Corrections, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, La.
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