department of computer science

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the academic department responsible for teaching and research in computer science

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Dr Mumtaz Hussain Mahar, Dean Faculty of Physical Sciences, Dr Noor Ahmed Shaikh, Ex-PVC of Main Campus, Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah, Chairman Department of Computer Science, Dr Javed Mahar, Dr Samina Rajper, Dr Hidayatullah Shaikh, Dr Riaz Shaikh, Dr Rafaqat Arain and other faculty members evaluated the projects and encouraged students to strive hard for excellence as it is an important part of professionalism.
At the Edge Hill University, Mr Ajienka teaches on the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) module and supports a range of modules across the institution's Department of Computer Science.
Bachmat, We plan to continue doing research together and I hope he will continue his involvement with BGU in the future as an adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Science.
Dave Price, Teaching Fel T -low and Computer Officer at the Department of Computer Science, created the orchestra alongside colleague Ian Izett.
The winner of the 2013 IJCAI Computers and Thought Award is Kristen Grauman, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin.
Susan Haynes, Eastern Michigan University, Department of Computer Science
Aberystwyth University's department of computer science will jet out with Idris the robot ahead of field trials to demonstrate its computer vision-based techniques.
Antonio Nicolosi and his research group in the Department of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, together with other computer scientists and mathematicians at CUNY, are laying the foundation for a safer Internet.
Department of Computer Science & Engineering has planned to stage a National Conference entitled "FRONTIERS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE" during May 19th to 21st, 2011.
The grant was awarded to two LAU researchers: the assistant dean for research at the school of medicine Pierre Zalloua and the assistant professor of computer science at the department of computer science and mathematics in Beirut Sanaa Sarafeddine.
The Bostroms established a bequest specifying that upon their deaths, $150,000 from their estate will be divided equally between the Sandra Bostrom-Aguado Music Therapy Endowment in the Department of Music in CSUN's College of Arts, Media and Communication; the Sandra Bostrom-Aguado Computer Science Scholarship Endowment in the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering and Computer Science; and the Donald E.
Tim Carrico, Brian Lumpkin, Matt McIntyre, Lucas Smith, Paul Buhler Department of Computer Science College of Charleston
Department of Computer Science, Southeast Missouri State University.
Gross, Chair Lecturer Recruiting Committee, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027.
Larry Manevitz from Department of Computer Science, University of Haifa, Israel, agreed to Tzeng's observation and added that global warming, ocean acidification and human activities on marine environment and ecosystem are very important to both countries.
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