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When is the optimal time during a career to accept a term as department head and, from a financial perspective, when is it time to step down?
But after about a month of steady peer pressure, every one of the plant's department heads was focused and committed to the goal of cleaning up the foundry.
So when Kahan saw an ad for the job of department head in the Journal of Higher Education he asked himself, "Where else could I literally develop a complete communication program from scratch in a new, exciting and rapidly evolving environment?
The major burden of incorporating the changes, however, will fall to department heads and staff.
Automatic email notification of the budget status and computerization of the complex process of obtaining budgets and revisions from department heads is key to saving time and resources.
The revenue department head, Kamawal, the deputy governor, Mohammad Hanif Gardiwal, the deputy head of high peace council, Ataullah Ludin, the director of information and culture in Nangarhar, Awrang Samim, members of parliament, youths, and tribal elders participated in the inauguration ceremony of the radio station.
The Board of Supervisors moved a step closer Tuesday to giving Los Angeles County Chief Administrative Officer David Janssen authority over department heads -- similar to power held by his counterparts in San Diego, Orange and Ventura counties.
Mostaghimi kept his advising role after becoming department head.
one-time performance award), this authorization form also requires the department head to certify that such distribution is pursuant to a bona fide departmental plan rather than an arbitrary determination.
Also ordered preventively suspended with Mayor Binay are the following city officials: Assistant Department Head II Pio Kenneth Dasal, Department Head II Lorenza Amores, City Accountant III Leonila Querijero, Acting City Accountant Cecilio Lim III, Department Head II Nelia Barlis, Engineering Assistant Norman Flores, Chief Administrative Officer Giovanni Condes, Administrative Officer V Ralph Liberato, Assistant Department Head II Ulysses Orienza, Bids and Awards Secretariat Head Manolito Uyaco, Department Head II Eleno Mendoza Jr.
You have a population of 9,000 in town and to find a specialized person who lives in town for the assessor or the finance director or other department head positions, it's very tricky," Mr.
GHAZNI CITY (PAN): About 200,000 plants will be planted in southern Ghazni province, the agriculture department head said on Wednesday.
has been promoted to Principal of the firm and Associate Department Head of the Electrical Department.
I learned never to make a department head feel inadequate or that any of his/her problems seemed trivial.
For the 1989 performance appraisal, cost effectiveness of the physician's practice was subjectively evaluated by the physician's department head and chief of staff.
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