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remove oxygen from (water)

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While this is an important concern, and likely to be exacerbated by climate change, deoxygenation of the open ocean is a distinct issue, happening on a much larger scale.
But now a research team at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has developed for the first time a way to measure how fast deoxygenation occurred in ancient oceans--a technique that may lay the groundwork for projecting how present-day oxygen losses in the ocean may progress in the future.
Leg muscle deoxygenation was measured by the NIRO 200[R] system (Hamamatsu Photonics, Japan).
2004) measured the muscle deoxygenation in both modes of exercise and found that anaerobic metabolism was higher in arm cranking compared to cycling.
It was found that variations of Si content in the support SAPO-11 did not have significant impact on the product yields, but aromatics formation indicates that, in addition to deoxygenation, mild cracking and isomerization occurred.
Gruber, 2010: Ocean deoxygenation in a warming world.
If entry into force occurs prior to January 1, 2016) USCG BWTS Implementation Schedule currently almost 80 Ballast Water Management Systems (BWTS) are available in the market or are under development using various technologies, namely Filteration, Ultra Violet Rays, Side Stream Electrochlorination, Chemical doses, Ozone, Deoxygenation, Hydrocyclone, Ultrasonic, Cavitation, Full Flow Electrolysis and combinations of above.
harm to marine animals,189 deoxygenation of the water, (190) and harms
Since oxygen concentrations in the ocean naturally vary depending on variations in winds and temperature at the surface, it has been challenging to attribute any deoxygenation to climate change, said Long.
Near-infrared spectrophotometry is useful to detect the beneficial pharmacological effects of alprostadil on spinal cord deoxygenation.
As phase II is primarily a function of oxidative metabolism within the working muscle, it is necessary to examine the kinetics of muscle oxygenation and/or deoxygenation to get a more complete picture of V[O.
A route to produce renewable diesel from algae: Synthesis and characterization of biodiesel via in situ transesterification of Chlorella alga and its catalytic deoxygenation to renewable diesel.
Acrocyanosis is a persistent dusky red discoloration of hands and feet due to venostasis and peripheral deoxygenation.