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to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons

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6 cm were wiped with acetone and processed through alkaline cleaning, deoxidizing, and conversion coating steps according to the conditions described elsewhere.
The film absorbs almost all of the oxygen contained within a sealed package eliminating the need for the addition of a separate deoxidizing agent.
Ferroalloy is widely used as deoxidizing, desulfurizing and reinforcing agents.
Such chips, as a rule, are sent to the ore heat-treating furnaces for melting of ferrotitanium and are used for pressing of briquettes used in the process of deoxidizing of steel.
Other methods of deoxidizing copper during melting, while effective, had tended to increase the hydrogen content of the melt.
Metalico Aluminum makes processed aluminum products, principally deoxidizing cones and shot used in the manufacture of steel.
So, technological scheme of producing especially low-carbon steels obligatory includes processes of degassing, deoxidizing, and refining of the semi-finished product, molten in the steel-melting unit.
Equilibrium content of oxygen in iron (approximately the same is in ferronickel) depends upon weight share of silicon and temperature; the lower is temperature the higher is deoxidizing capacity of silicon because of exothermic nature of reactions of interaction of silicon with oxygen.
The plant is a secondary recycling plant that processes scrap aluminum into a deoxidizing agent used by the steel industry.
Silicon consumption over periods of melting, % Reduction Diffusion deoxidizing of final slag 1 100 -- 2 80 20 3 80 20 Melt No.
Based on the ladle trials, Harrison decided to try a new approach: deoxidizing slag in the furnace before tapping.
Silicon carbide (SIC) usage was fairly steady at all temperature settings, since it is primarily the carbon in the SiC that does the deoxidizing at iron temperatures.
The facility has the capacity to produce up to 170 million pounds per year of aluminum deoxidizing products from aluminum scrap.