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to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons

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13) Characterization of this type of conversion coating (14,15) with a chromate-based deoxidizer treatment (16,17) has been reported previously, as well as the filiform corrosion resistance.
Silicomanganese is an important deoxidizer, desulphurizer and alloying element that increases the tensile strength, toughness, stiffness, wear resistance and hardenability of steel, helping to improve the safety and effectiveness of the end product.
But carbon may be used not always as deoxidizer, because its presence is desirable not in all metals.
Oxalic acid is an important basic organic raw material, mainly used to produce the pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics, borneol, pharmaceutical intermediate synthesis, the precipitant extracts in the rare earth metals, dye deoxidizer, tanning agents and cleansing agents of the metal equipments etc.
The business operates aluminum smelting and deoxidizer manufacturing facilities in Painesville, Ohio and generates annual revenue of approximately US $45 million.
Although magnesium is a well known deoxidizer, during treatment it cannot eliminate all the iron oxide present in the slag because of the short time available.
The usual method to reduce the oxygen content is the addition of a final deoxidizer that has a greater affinity for oxygen than carbon, and that forms a solid or liquid oxide product.
It requires the use of chemical additives (anti-grease agents, concentrated detergents, anti-corrosives, deoxidizers, etc.
Also, consider using filler wire with added deoxidizers to clean the weld.
18 E70C-6M H4, the Metalloy 76 is a versatile, all-purpose wire that can be used in spray, short arc, or pulsed processes, and contains added deoxidizers that let it tolerate mill scale and other surface contaminants better than most other wires.
By means of change of activities of the deoxidizers in course of deoxidation of molten steel and during solidification of the metal, crystallization and solid-phase reactions of formation of oxide phases occur in certain areas of phase equilibriums of the CaO-MgO-[Al.