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to remove oxygen from a compound, or cause to react with hydrogen or form a hydride, or to undergo an increase in the number of electrons

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The metal-intermediate product, partially deoxidized in the furnace by the FS65 ferrosilicon, was tapped into the ladle with simultaneous addition of MnS25 and deoxidation with aluminium on bars.
In the current study, protective surface treatments for three copper products including two different phosphorus deoxidized copper metals (DHP) and one aluminum-copper alloy (aluminum bronze) were investigated.
The reaction is usually responsible for gas porosity defects (pinholes or blowholes) in steels insufficiently or inefficiently deoxidized.
The IF steel is developed as a result of big complex of investigations, directed at improvement of properties of the traditional low-carbon deoxidized by aluminium steel for deep drawing.
With respect to the surface treatments, the amount of filiform corrosion for scribes on the matrix was greatest on the alkaline-cleaned samples, followed by the deoxidized samples, with the conversion-coated samples performing the best.
For aluminum deoxidized carbon steels, #10 filters are used to allow the filter to prime with more ease.
That's why before casting ferronickel is deoxidized by ferrosilicon (aluminum) during its pouring from the basic converter into the ladle.
were degreased using detergent and then deoxidized using Sanchem 1000[TM] at 23[degrees]C.
This occurs when liquid metal is exposed to oxygen after the metal has been fully deoxidized.
While oxidizing conditions are beneficial to phosphorous removal in the slag, reducing conditions or a deoxidized system aids sulfur (S) removal.
With continuing emphasis on "clean steel," it is apparent from discussions with many steel casting producers that widely varying deoxidation practices exist, including misconceptions regarding the necessity of a properly deoxidized steel heat.
A properly deoxidized and nucleated melt prior to treatment is critical.
In addition to ingot, they produce deoxidized alloys in the form of notched bar and shot for steel foundries.
The molten iron is desulfurized and deoxidized by reactive agents and, depending on the iron grade desired, undergoes further treatments, including recarburization, before casting into ingots.