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tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips

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How well your deodar cedar recovers depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the injury and the conditions present at the site.
The forest of the park is temperate and the vegetation consists of chirpine, deodar and fir.
Meanwhile, trucks loaded with dry Deodar wood and ghee have been despatched to Kedarnath and the effort is on to begin the process of mass ritual cremation of bodies strewn over the premises, sources at the state police headquarters here told PTI.
They announced to kill one million seedlings of Deodar (National tree of Pakistan), pine wallancia, Chir pine and Chilgoza pine on World Forest Day in Islamabad.
During the season for tourists, the houseboat owners start the coring of boats in which they fill the gaps on the floor of the boat with special grass and repairing the damaged portion with expensive timber of the valley known as deodar.
Mahendrasinh Lekhaji Vaghela of Sawana village in Deodar taluka of Banskantha and Jagatsingh Devrasingh Soda of Bavdi Badmer in Rajasthan were arrested while negotiating a deal of the fake currency with policemen in disguise, Superintendent of Police (Patan) Anupam Singh Gehlot, who led the operation, said.
Six evergreen hedges were tested in this experiment: Red Robin Photinia (Photinia fraseri), Chinese Photinia (Photinia serrulata), oleander (Nerium indicum), bamboo (Oligostachyum lubricum), deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara), and arrowwood (Viburnum odoratissimum).
Mark Snyder, the city's urban forester, said the tree was a deodar cedar and appeared to be about 70 years old based on a rough count of its rings.
Native to the Himalayas, of what is a deodar a type?
A Bel Air Patrol security guard told police he spotted the animal, thought to weigh about 175 pounds, walking through a residential area in the 4900 block of Queen Florence Lane near Deodar Lane about 11:45 p.
Mr Taylor, now 79, was a cook on board the HMS Deodar which was in the Irish Sea bound for Devonport.
The main tree species include deodar, fir, partal and kail.
LOOK FOR: Deodar cedar, Arizona cypress, Douglas fir, Monterey pine, and Sierra redwood.
The tests were conducted for two species: deodar (Cedrus deodara) (10 clear and 10 with knots) and kail (Pinus wallichiana) (15 clear and 15 with knots).
The new trees planted today include 12 48-inch-box-sized California Sycamores and Deodar Cedars, plus 18 other 15-gallon-sized trees.