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  • adj

Synonyms for denunciatory

containing, relating to, or involving an accusation

Synonyms for denunciatory

containing warning of punishment

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societal stigma in accordance with the denunciatory purpose of
Those forms include factoids and documents that testimonial or loosely historical novels of the denunciatory Latin American 1980s put to academic misuse.
Of course, public displays of official denunciatory language aren't new for the Iranian public.
There are numerous strands of retributivism, (180) but one dominant viewpoint holds that state-imposed punishment serves to express blame or censure, (181) Professor Joel Feinberg first observed that punishment has a denunciatory aspect: "[P]unishment is a conventional device for the expression of attitudes of resentment and indignation, and of judgments of disapproval and reprobation, on the part either of the punishing authority himself or of those 'in whose name' the punishment is inflicted.
A refusal to be fixed by the imperial or western gaze is central to Hamid's task; the resistance to an a priori condemnation of 9/11 opposes the tacit belief that references to the day begin with a denunciatory clause; and shifting markers of origin and purpose allow The Reluctant Fundamentalist to serve as a site of critical and imaginative refraction.
Not the freedom of expression that deepens ignorance and disregards others," Morsi stated, in denunciatory remarks about the film.
31) The Party's post-war attitude had found official expression in a denunciatory article called "Psychoanalysis, a Reactionary Ideology," which appeared in La nouvelle critique in 1949.
Murray had always supported the NCFPB--indeed, he was a member--but after the ABC threatened his union members at a USW tournament for allowing a black bowler to participate, he became outraged and sent an irate, denunciatory letter to the bowling congress' secretary, E.
Stories of socio-economic injustice, alienation, and poverty find expression in meandering narratives that do not mitigate their denunciatory impact with redemptive and consoling denouements, yet evoke a dimension of Utopian hope through the estranging and visionary power of Ortese's ecriture.
Sim provides a very detailed analysis of the Singapore government's media policy of building national identity that is critical but not denunciatory.
That, precisely, is why a genealogy can be vindicatory or, alternatively, denunciatory.
Monroe pounced on the deal without proper congressional authorization, earning him a denunciatory pamphlet written in limerick form by Chief Justice John Marshall, as was the custom at the time.
Therein, they consider the denunciatory claims against Finkelstein as "absurd".
Seeing his wife drunk and ill, he shifts vocally from his denunciatory mode to one powerful but muted with sadness and self-recognition as he acknowledges his own foolishness in ferreting out the enormities of others.