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A steady-state may be temporarily achieved for soil thickness, however not because the rate of soil thickening continues to decrease until it reaches zero, but because the soil thickening rate may decrease to a value equalling the denudation rate in a landscape.
The original reservoirs underwent both thermal cracking during a long time and uplift and denudation at later times, and were mostly destroyed and transformed into paleo-reservoirs.
Large number of RBCs and RBC casts were present showing presence of pigment, in some cases hyaline casts were also present and in one case complete denudation of tubular basement membrane was seen.
Yet anyone even slightly familiar with Kaspar's emergent practice, which includes the product ion of the extensively networked journal PROVENCE, on which most of his career has been hedged, will find little surprise in such an anti-aesthetic denudation.
The result was extensive denudation of forests with rampant illegal logging.
2004) or possible collapse of a high-standing plateau with subsequent uplift and denudation (Bialas et al.
These adhesions are perpetuated by host of associated factors, the important one being the denudation of serosal surface following abdominal surgery.
Researchers recently used denudation rates from 990 river basins to estimate how much sediment is created annually as rock wears down in quartz-bearing landscapes.
Bewtra et al (22) evaluated 123 discrepant cervical biopsies for the presence of a transformation zone, for proper orientation in the paraffin block, for gross biopsy size, for denuded epithelium, and for adequacy of paraffin sectioning and demonstrated that of 34 cases (27%) had negative biopsy results and Pap test findings of squamous intraepithelial lesion (SIL), 38% (n = 13) had no transformation zone, 26% (n = 9) had inadequate sectioning into the block as determined by a mismatch between gross and microscopic biopsy size, 18% (n = 6) had complete epithelial denudation, and 15% (n = 5) had orientation problems.
Severe chronic deficiencies lead to progressive papillary atrophy and irregular denudation of the tongue.
Electron microscopy showed severe denudation of bronchial epithelial cells.
The Upland Complex of the central Mississippi River valley: Its origin, denudation, and possible role in reactivation of the New Madrid Seismic Zone.
The summit of mystical transcendence into God involves a total denudation of all properties, and a complete "getting lost" (verlorenheit) in God, a flowing ebbing sea.