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someone who makes dental appliances (bridges and dentures)

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Denturist Steven Burchell, aged 41, of North Street, said the internet was now proving an invaluable surgery tool for those with clumsy choppers.
To date, the following professions have been proclaimed under the HPA: Dentists, Medical lab Technologists, Registered Dietitians, Hearing Aid Practitioners, Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, and Denturists, That means a member of the public filing a complaint with these health colleges may have the option of ACR as the process by which a complaint can be resolved.
Voters supported Measure 24, which allows denturists to deal directly with the public when making partial dentures, rather than having to work through dentists.
Rosenstein, "Professional Encroachment: A Comparison of the Emergence of Denturists in Canada and Oregon," American Journal of Public Health 70, No.
These new medical professionals such as nurse anesthetists, dental hygienists, denturists, nurse midwives, physician assistants and other "new health extenders" provide health services formerly performed only by primary-care physicians.
Offers Design and Fabrication Services to Dentists, Denturists, and Other Dental Labs Using the SensAble Dental Lab System
Denturists could practice separately from or in partnership with a dentist.
I still have clippings of full page articles on such scintillating topics as Denturists and the first meeting of the Council of Canadians, which came to Thunder Bay for their first nationalistic meeting because it was determined to be the middle of Canada.
24 - Allows denturists to install partial dentures, authorizes dentist-denturist ventures .
These new professionals include nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, nurse cardiologists, dental hygienists, denturists, nurse midwives and physician assistants (PAs) among others.
Ash Temple serves approximately 17,200 dentists, 2,200 laboratory technicians and 2,000 denturists.
The Montana proposal (Legislative Concept 302) would transfer the regulation of denturists from the board of dentistry to the existing board of hearing aid dispensers.
Oregonians voted Tuesday to allow dental technicians - called denturists - to place partial sets of false teeth in the mouths of patients.
Medical denturists are highly trained and skilled in the examination, evaluation and diagnosis of diseases and conditions of the head and neck and of the mouth and to provide treatment with prosthetic appliances, most notably; dentures or partial dentures," stated Ronald M.
The other three were licensure of graduates of foreign dental schools, creation of a separate licensing board for denturists and hygienists, creation of an advanced practice dental hygiene practitioner, and independent practice.