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inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth

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More specifically, denture stomatitis develops among complete and partial denture wearers and is defined as an inflammation of the palatal mucosa in contact with the denture, associated or not with soft tissue hyperplasia (Samaranayake et al.
Redding reported that preliminary data from the study of topical nystatin for the treatment of denture stomatitis associated with C.
One of the most common is oral denture stomatitis, a Candida infection of the oral mucosa promoted by a close-fitting upper denture present in 65% of edentulous persons (5,8).
60] Patients should be encouraged to remove dentures at night to avoid infections such as candidiasis, the major cause of denture stomatitis.
We recently announced the approval for marketing in Sweden of our second proprietary Oral Health Care product -- Dumicoat -- a long acting treatment for denture stomatitis, a fungal infection that afflicts denture wearers.