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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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Esthetic appearance of dentures, Maxillary denture retention, Mandibular denture retention, Chewing ability and Phonetics assessed for patient satisfaction among the two groups were statistically insignificant, having p values more than 0.
Despite the scarce documentation available in the literature on complementary systems for denture retention, in 1991 Shay (26) described the actual mechanism by which peripheral seal increases producing denture retention.
Implantation of magnets in law and denture retention.
In addition, alveolar ridge resorption compromises denture retention and stability, rendering a denture loose and non-serviceable to the patient.
Inform the patient that, due to existing conditions, achieving optimal complete denture retention and stability may not be possible.
A study was conducted on the effect of three impression techniques on complete denture retention in mandibular flat ridge case in 2002:
Close attention should be given to clinical and laboratory procedures aimed at optimizing denture retention and stability, and patients should be reviewed at regular intervals to help prevent problems associated with denture wear.
In 1948, Sir Wilfred Fish concluded that dentures have three surfaces, each with its own function and important role in achieving denture retention and stability.
Remedial actions included improving the denture retention and correcting the errors in tooth arrangement and occlusal balancing.