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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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com is a long-standing and proven FDA-approved denture liner that WSQ intends to commercialize through a series of investments and partnerships.
The Weber Denture Liner provides a wearer with the three basic essentials needed for comfortable dentures: (1) support, (2) stability and (3) reliable retention.
Also available are a 24 pack of Denture Liners for upper or lower dentures for just pounds 4.
Effect of storage duration on the hardness and tensile bond strength of silicone- and acrylic resin-based resilient denture liners to a processed denture base acrylic resi, J.
Complete and partial removable dentures, Denture liners, Tissue conditioners, Oral and maxillofacial appliances-cleft palate plates, maxillary supports etc
Mese, "Bond strength of soft denture liners following immersion of denture cleanser", Biotechnol.