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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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We also recommend the use of denture adhesives during initial phases of denture wearing for pediatric patients this help in better compliance of the children.
4-ounce tube of denture adhesive used by a consumer with upper and lower dentures should last 7-8 weeks.
Clearly, dental usage is very high but knowledge and use of products like denture adhesives and denture cleaners is low, said Isa Marfori, GSK Polident product manager.
Denture adhesive has been introduced in modern dentistry in late 18th century.
Effect of denture adhesive on the retention and stability of maxillary dentures.
during the month of April: wash cloths, denture adhesive, toothbrushes, and men's white T-shirts in sizes M, L and XL.
Further questioning revealed that the patient had worn dentures for 10 years and that family members frequently chided him for excessive use of denture adhesive to the extent that it sometimes accumulated at the corners of his mouth.
he optimal use of denture adhesive involves placing a thin film or a series of dots across the denture surface, which will ensure that a patient is not overusing the adhesive.
According to the manufacturer, this newly formulated denture adhesive effectively seals out food particles all day long while improving denture stability, retention and bite force safely for most denture-wearers.
LONG-TERM use of a popular brand of denture adhesive could cause high levels of zinc in the body linked with neurological problems such as numbness and difficulty walking, a pharmaceutical giant has said.
Each of the patients wore dentures and had used very large amounts of denture adhesive cream for long periods of time.
Eventually Smith decided no more acrylic and instead suggested Fixodent, a pink denture adhesive.
One problem faced by denture wearers is keeping them in place all day and Dent-O-Care claims to have come up with a solution in the form of Secure Denture Adhesive which claims to keep false teeth in place for 12 hours with just one application.
Heck,'' says Lapidus, who is also responsible for Just for Men hair dye, Vagisil feminine products and Seabond denture adhesive, ``there have been all kinds of innovations in odor retention and delivery systems.