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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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The materials used to make denture teeth are known to be more fragile than natural teeth and can easily chip or crack if dropped or otherwise uncared for.
From a single denture through to a full set of dentures, the force of biting against the denture can crush the underlying bone and cause it to shrink.
Optimal outcome of complete denture treatment depends on successful integration of prosthesis with patient's oral functions and psychological acceptance of the dentures.
Denture stomatitis is a term used to describe certain pathologic changes found in the oral mucosa, and two-thirds of the elderly population wearing complete dentures have problems with their palatal and gingival mucosae (1-10).
3) The present article represents the use of a Semi-precision, extra-coronal attachment in a Kennedy Class I situation in removable partial denture.
Key words: Denture bases, drug delivery, drug carrier systems, PMMA resin, MMA resin.
Spencer provides the very best standards of care, creating precision-crafted removable Changing Faces(r) dentures that incorporate factors such as the wearer's age, personality and gender, an innovative approach called Denture Genics.
However, I would recommend that you remove your dentures at night to give your gums and bone a chance to relax from the pressure of the denture during the day.
Total number of post insertion appointment for occlusal adjustments were tabulated for patients treated with complete denture made with or without facebow.
The frameworks are then used either to carry the denture teeth which are processed onto the framework or porcelain teeth are built up directly onto the Zirconia framework to complete the process.
That is why AvaDentby Global Dental Science has put their digital dental lab to good use and created the AvaDent[R]digital denture.
ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE FAIRLIGHT Dental Practice hosts Chepstow's Changing Faces Denture Clinic, which is dedicated to creating dentures that look natural, fit securely and feel comfortable.
Since 1937 this material has been used for denture base manufacturing1,2 because of its low water sorption and solubility, lack of toxicity, simple manipulation technique, excellent aesthetics and reparability.
Based at Changing Faces(r) Denture Clinic in Dinas Powis, Vale of Glamorgan, Mike uses an innovative approach called Denture Genics(r).