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Synonyms for dentition

the eruption through the gums of baby teeth

the kind and number and arrangement of teeth (collectively) in a person or animal

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They ignore or undervalue that the maintenance of a primary dentition in good function maintains the space for the eruption of the permanent teeth and decreases some of the risk of caries in the permanent dentition.
Diagnosis: Small species of Ceratodus with five sharp crests on pterygopalatine dental plate; occlusal view of proportions in pterygopalatine dentition generally ovate, with inner angle (ABC of standard biometrics) very obtuse; crests C, and [C.
This week, I had to remove teeth to correct the dentition of a goldendoodle - its lower canines were so close they risked penetrating the hard palate.
Recently a number of similar specimens has been collected in the northern Drakensberg escarpment (see above) exhibiting considerable variation in size, shape, sculpture and apertural dentition.
For example, the assemblage that enables imaging of the maxillary right posterior dentition also enables imaging of the mandibular left posterior dentition.
Phillips (1971) further reported on dentition of glossophagine bats, which were of special interest because of differential dental modification at the generic level, variation in morphological configurations of the teeth, a relatively high incidence of dental abnormalities having a possible genetic basis, and an apparently previously unstudied periodontal disorder.
Complete rehabilitation of the dentition was based on the patient's desires, clinical findings, radiographic evaluation, and periodontal health.
Not all puppies will follow this rule, however, and smaller breed dogs may show delayed dentition change.
ISLAMABAD, February 25, 2010 (Balochistan Times ): The Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Human Right has taken strict notice of illegal dentition of 85 persons in private jails of Sui and Balochistan.
Rather than having a round cross section, the teeth were roughly diamond-shaped with serrations along the front and rear edges--a dentition particularly well-suited to shearing flesh.
Many clients would like to preserve the existing dentition at all costs.
Chelicera slightly protruding, proximal article with dorsal and ventral crest, and dual cheliceral dentition.
Commercial xylitol-containing products may be used to help control rampant decay in primary dentition.
Tooth mineralization is evaluated based on what is known as an orthopantamogram, a radiograph of the complete dentition.