dentist's drill

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a high speed drill that dentists use to cut into teeth


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The terror of the dentist's drill is set to become a thing of the past.
The whine of the dentist's drill and that "surgery" smell are permanently engraved on your memory since your first childhood experience.
Take, for example, their doling out of dating tips on I Want Candy, accompanied by a backing track that is the aural equivalent of a dentist's drill whizzing over your molars.
There's not a rattle and no irritating dentist's drill of a buzz for hands, feet or bum wherever the needle on the tacho is pointing.
Fingernails being dragged down a blackboard came 16th while the dreaded dentist's drill was only 20th.
Persuade them the camera is their friend and not the dentist's drill.
Each took 70 painstaking hours working with an adapted dentist's drill and etching tools.
THE days of the dreaded dentist's drill could be over thanks to a simple light.
Its price tag is well over f 100,000, its two-litre Swindon Racing engine pumps out nearly 300bhp at 8500rpm and all that power goes through a srx speed gearbox that screeches like a dentist's drill in your worst nightmare.
RAISINS could protect you from the dreaded dentist's drill, scientists announced yesterday.
When the fillings containing 50% mercury are heated by the friction of a dentist's drill, toxic mercury vapors are released that are invisible, colorless and odorless.
Only love can hurt like THIIIIIIIIIIS, only love can hurt like THIIIIIIIIIIIS" Music's answer to a dentist's drill.
It sold a range of sweets to dye all tongues and activate every dentist's drill for miles.
The terrifying whine of the dentist's drill could become a thing of the past scientists said this week, with a new pain-free treatment that helps decayed teeth fix themselves with a compound that allows enamel to re-grow.