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15, 16) In the dentin, chlorhexidine adheres to the dentinal tubules and disinfects them, preventing bacterial adhesion.
One study found that over 90% of the dentinal tubule openings were occluded through use of this combined therapy.
But the marginal outline of the dentinal tubule does not appear to be clear and is very irregular (Figure 4).
On the other hand, microbiological sampling with paper points is limited because only the microorganisms that are in the root canal can be sampled, while the ones that are located inside the dentinal tubules are not.
20) The obliteration of dentinal tubules after using strontium chloride results in a reduction in dentin permeability and blocks the hydrodynamic mechanism.
As an extension of the odontoblastic theory, this concept advocates that thermal, or mechanical stimuli, directly affect nerve endings within the dentinal tubules through direct communication with pulpal nerve fibres.
Effect of desensitising toothpastes on dentinal tubule occlusion: a dentine permeability measurement and SEM in vitro study.
0--absence of smear layer and presence of dentinal tubules free of residues;
The complicated root canal system has accessory fea- tures, microbes can survive within the root canals, dentinal tubules, accessory canals, canal ramifica- tions, apical deltas, and fins, once the tooth become infected.
A smear layer was formed and grooves with dentinal tubule exposure were observed on all samples (Figure 1A).
5) Dentinal tubule sealing can be secured with the use of restorations, dental adhesives or the formation of a smeared dentin surface.
These remnants may obstruct the dentinal tubules preventing the penetration of tubules by the sealer and thereby compromising the quality of seal provided by the root canal filling.
After initial setting, these cement allow the passage of the pulpal fluid through an absorption layer, formed near the dentinal tubules.
dide (Riva Star: SDI Australia) has been shown to prevent stain formation and potentially increase the effectiveness of SDF alone as a caries inhibitor by depositing silver iodide salts into the dentinal tubules of carious dentine.