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a calcareous material harder and denser than bone that comprises the bulk of a tooth


bone (calcified tissue) surrounding the pulp cavity of a tooth


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The dentinal tubules were almost completely occluded or narrowed in diameter due to the smear layer and accumulated debris (Figure 3).
It is believed that both the direction of dentinal tubules and age of the patient/teeth influenced edge chipping.
announced today that their arginine bicarbonate, calcium carbonate containing soft chews were significantly effective in sealing open dentinal tubules in an in vitro hydraulic conductance test conducted at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine.
The clinical trial found that a naturally occurring cacao extract, Rennou (TM), actually works better than fluoride to restore and repair enamel and occludes dentinal tubules, ultimately eliminating dental hypersensitivity in just seven days.
It combines with calcium carbonate to form a deposit that seals the opened dentinal tubules.
The dentinal lesion presents different levels of demineralisation, having the most advanced areas closer to the biofilm growing on the surface of the cavity [Gonzalez-Cabezas, 2010].
DENTSPLY reports that NovaMin relieves dentinal sensitivity by tubule occlusion, the blocking of the microscopic channels in the tooth's dentin that lead to nerve endings in the dental pulp, while amplifying the natural protective and repair mechanisms of saliva.
Polyacrylic acid is a weak acid with higher molecular weight limits diffusion through the dentinal tubules into the pulp [9].
Also, the viscosity of such hygroscopic formulations should be sufficiently low to enable rapid infiltration and penetration of dentinal tubules and lateral canals without inducing aspiration of odontoblasts.
Elephant ivory can be distinguished by intersecting Schreger patterns and "cone in cone" fracturing, whereas hippo and hog ivories show concentric dentinal patterning in cross section (Espinoza & Mann 1991; Krzyszkowska 1990; MacGregor 1985; Penniman 1952; Schmidt & Keil 1971; Smith 1950; Trapani & Fisher 2003).
This complex, SensiStat(R), seals off a tooth's open and exposed dentinal tubules, thereby reducing tooth sensitivity.
Dentinal tubule infection as the cause of recurrent disease and late endodontic treatment failure: a case report.
The original Gluma Desensitizer has been used in over 50 million restorations and is preferred over all others for eliminating dentinal hypersensitivity.
As CR is cured it tends to shrink, which may have a negative effect on the permanent penetration of the resin tags into the dentinal tubules [Ferrari and Davidson, 1996].
This course provides an overview of the biological process of dentinal hypersensitivity and erosion, diagnostic assessment methods, and treatment options, both traditional as well as new, that can be incorporated in every dental practice to address these issues.