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Synonyms for bonding

a close personal relationship that forms between people (as between husband and wife or parent and child)

(dentistry) a technique for repairing a tooth

fastening firmly together


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Italian researchers investigate the effects of methacrylic monomers on cellular energetic metabolism and cellular redox status while Turkish researchers compare the antibacterial effects of dentin bonding agents.
Tay, Bonding BisGMA to dentin-a proof of concept for hydrophobic dentin bonding.
For the two other groups, the teeth were ground with a 600-grit wet SiC abrasive wheel to obtain flat enamel and dentin bonding surfaces.
Acid demineralization is a common step in most commercial dentin bonding systems, being used to remove the debris left behind after mechanical cutting).
Enamel and dentin bonding for adhesive dental restorations