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Interestingly, approximately 50% of ameloblastomas arise from the lining of a dentigerous cyst.
Nasal septal abscess: An unusual presentation of dentigerous cyst.
In this article, we report a case of dentigerous cyst of the maxilla and maxillary sinus that caused the ectopic displacement of an unerupted tooth into the orbital rim and floor.
Dentigerous cysts are most frequently found in the mandible, but they can also originate in a maxillary canine or molar.
A dentigerous cyst develops when a follicle is separated from the crown of a developing tooth.
Routine intraoral periapical radiographs are not necessary in all patients, but they do help differentiate other dentigerous cysts.
The transformation of a dentigerous cyst to an ameloblastoma is extremely rare, but the possibility should be communicated to the patient.
Hundreds of radiographs and color photographs illustrate the placement and activation of appliances, palatally impacted canines, abnormal premolar orientation, infraocclusion, dentigerous cysts, traumatic impaction, cleidocranial dysplasia.
6] Patients may present with lesions in the wall of periapical cysts with prolonged therapeutic opened drainage or dentigerous cysts.
The pathogenesis of these tumors is controversial, but several authors have proposed that they involve a metaplastic transformation of the mucus-secreting cells commonly found in the epithelial linings of dentigerous cysts and odontogenic epithelium.