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a substance for cleaning the teeth

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A number of methods describe the analysis of total fluoride in dentifrice [3, 11-13].
1] fell within the approved NAFDAC and SON standard, it should not be allowed for sale because it contains more that one fluoride ingredient (Sodium monofluorophosphate and Sodium fluoride) and the Final Monograph on Fluoride Dentifrices (21CFR355) does not permit the combination of two fluoride ingredients.
By harnessing natural bioactive components, such as pomegranate, green tea, CoQ10, lactoferrin, aloe vera, folic acid, and xylitol, these modern dentifrices have improved the odds of winning the battle against dental degradation and related systemic illnesses.
Treatment otherwise involves brushing with a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution to bleach the pigmentation, and brushing the tongue with a dentifrice, 5-15 strokes, he said.
Measurement Tools includes: Gas Chromatography-Olfactory Method as a Tool for Measuring Flavour-Food Ingredient Interactions in Model Systems; Retronasal Flavour Release in Oil and Water Model Systems with an Evaluation of Volatility Predictors; Investigation of the interaction Between Dentifrice Flavour and Product Base by Principal Component Analysis of Headspace Gas by Chromatography.
Did you know that feminine hygiene sales are six times greater than combined dentifrice sales?
Most mint oil goes into two major product groups: chewing gum/confectionery and dentifrice.
Some typical examples of Procter & Gamble's packaging efforts are its Tide detergent refill bags; the material optimization of the Crisco PET bottle, which reduces material by about 30%; and the company's stand-up flexible dentifrice tubes, which also save about 30% in required material, and feature an improved laminated construction that provides a "spring-back" quality after it is squeezed.
The facility is said to complement other Rhone-Poulenc facilities that manufacture precipitated silicas for the rubber, dentifrice and specialty chemical markets worldwide.
Toothbrushing without the use of a dentifrice is an option; though it may not be the best one for all patients, especially individuals who are at high risk for caries and would greatly benefit from the use of fluoridated dentifrice, as many studies have suggested.
8,491,873 B2) a dentifrice that contains a thickening silica having an oil absorption of 150 to 500 mL/l00 g and an average particle size of 1 to 8pm, heavy calcium carbonate and water.
C'est vers quatorze heures qu'on se rue chez Ahmed et dans les autres boutiques pour le plein de shampooing, savon, gel douche, deodorant et, particulierement, le dentifrice dans tous ses [beaucoup moins que]gouts[beaucoup plus grand que].
Assis la, un magazine debile plein de photos de jolies maisons et de jolies femmes dans la main ( c'est d'autant plus embetant si l'on est soi meme une femme ) , des tableaux abstraits ornant les murs, plus ou moins bien places parmi les posters brandissant des images de dents gigantesques et de marques de dentifrice super cheres mais super efficaces.
2003] found that the frequent use of a fluoride dentifrice enables a greater degree of enamel hardness than the combination of the dentifrice with a fluoride varnish.
CONCLUSION: The results demonstrated that a dentifrice containing 0.