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having a very finely toothed margin

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At mid-height of the cusp the lateral process is initiated as a carina and becomes anteriorly directed, with a denticulated oral edge (Pl.
Sancus can be diagnosed from all other tetragnathids by the combination of the following characters: denticulated male cymbial basal process (Figs.
The biface and uniface points from the Kimberley may have pressure-flaked projections with serrated or denticulated margins.
Fierstine (1998, 2001) studied three morphometric characters in Recent and fossil specimens: length along the ventral mid-line (PL), width across the widest expanse of the denticulated surface (PW), and depth perpendicular to the long axis from PW to the ventral surface of the bone (PD).
3D): Endopod and exopod absent; asymmetrical; masticatory surface with lower molar processes and upper curved incisor processes; molar with many small teeth; incisor with 2-4 larger teeth; left and right mandible each with one denticulated tooth.
The proavus-evae time was characterized by highly variable simple-cone conodonts (Paroistodus, Paltodus, Acodus, Drepanodus, Drepanoistodus, Oistodus, Scolopodus) and by the appearance of new, more complicated types of apparatus in which elements have denticulated processes (Prioniodus, Oepikodus, Periodon, Trapezognathus) (Fig.
With simple, truncated or denticulated backed bladelets, other types co-exist.