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having a very finely toothed margin

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pelagica, while they are long, denticulate, with a distal tooth fused to blade's tip in N.
Adults of Macrobrachium rosenbergii showed simple setae similarly to Macrobrachium ohione (Bauer & Caskey 2006), but not denticulate ones.
The coeloconicum type is dominant and generally the basal edge shows two long, denticulate seta-like structures (Fig.
14, 15, 25, 28) Similar to the denticulate ligaments which secure the spinal cord within the subarachnoid space, the myodural bridge crosses the epidural space to anchor the spinal dura during head and neck motion.
Description: Marcescent tree to 15 m tall; leaf ovoid-lanceolate, to oblong/lanceolate 0,8-5(5,8) x 0,6-1,4(1,8) cm, with narrow lamina, short and denticulate to serrate, mucronate.
62mm, anterior and posterior margins of shell rounded, posterior portion denticulate.
9 mm, oval-oblong blade, attenuated, cucullate dentate apex, margin entire or denticulate, involute towards the apex; little enlarged and auriculate base.
Most Ceratadus specimens from the Aptian/Albian of north Texas belong to a small species that is characterized by distinctive sharp dental crests, denticulate in unworn tooth plates.
Gill rakers on outer face of first arch slender, denticulate on posterior margin, rakers much shorter than filament length.
6) with apical area denticulate on ventral margin, apex acute, slightly curved downward.
La absorcion de fosforo en las especies de pastos, Digitaria ciliaris (especie pobremente colonizada por HMA), Ixeris denticulate (especie moderadamente colonizada por HMA) y Kummerowia striata (altamente colonizada por HMA), sembradas en asocios y en forma individual fueron evaluadas en China con niveles limitante de fosforo.
Inflorescence broadly capitate, simple, umbellate, apex nearly flat, sunk in the center of the rosette, 8-9 cm long (excluding the petals), 9-12 mm in diameter, 56 to 65-flowered; floral bracts entire to remotely denticulate at the apex, green, membranaceous, distinctly nerved, longitudinally sulcate mainly near the apex, sparsely to subdensely white-lepidote outside, glabrous inside, the outer ones resembling the involucral bracts, ecarinate, slightly exceeding the ovary, the inner ones narrowly ovate-lanceolate to sublinear-lanceolate, acuminate, ecarinate or bearing a protruded central nerve and appearing carinate, 45-60 x 8-20 mm, slightly exceeding the ovary.