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having a very finely toothed margin

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Table 1 Summary by Level Dominant Palynology Mousterian Fauna ([dagger] ([double Level Industry ([dagger]) [dagger]) dagger]) 6A Denticulate Bison, Reindeer AP * 5% (Rangifer tarandus) 6B Denticulate Bison sterile 6C Denticulate Bison sterile 6D Acheulean tradition, Bison, Reindeer AP 10% type B (Rangifer tarandus) 7 Denticulate Reindeer AP 5% 8 Denticulate Reindeer AP 5% (Rangifer tarandus), Horse (Equus caballus) L Quina na sterile M Quina na (horse, bison, na reindeer?
This means, that while Bernardia trelawniensis was thought to have an unusual evolutionary history in Lasiocroton--with denticulate margins, glands, and stipules as autapomorphies--now the total amount of evolutionary change has been reduced by it placement in the morphologically similar Bernardia.
Manufacturing techniques are still indistinguishable, while denticulates seem opposed to scrapers and Upper Palaeolithic tools.
to lanceolate, inequilateral leaflets that are clearly denticulate in
Technologically, the association of heavy-duty `chopper' and Denticulate Mousterian assemblages with large bovid processing is clear (Jaubert, Turq).
2 mm, nearly clathrate, the cells in the basal and medial portion roundish, distally enlarged, basifixed, the base truncate to more or less cordate, denticulate, the teeth (Fig.
48-49) Nectaries derived from carpellodes Bataceac Whitish spatulate, slender-stalked, denticulate "appendages" or staminodia; "Petalen die durchaus als staminodien gelten konnen" Brassicaceae Transformed median stamens Burseraceae A disk staminal in nature Capparaceae Remnant of a former staminal supply, episepalous glands, or unilateral appendage Celastraceae A disk of staminal nature (evidence of small traces) Clusiaceae Transformed staminodes Crassulaceae Staminodes or carpellodes Ctenolophaceae Disk as modified stamens Dichapetalaceae (Figs.
The rest (14%) are ad hoc small flake tools - irregularly retouched or denticulate flakes.
The hairs are often whitish, uniseriate, and multicellular, whereas scales are usually broad, and flat or bullate, with reddish walls and denticulate margins.
2-2 mm, lanceolate, spreading, translucent, yellowish brown, entire or sparsely denticulate, the other 0.
The flint industry is also nondescript: it consists of choppers and denticulate sickle blades.
5 mm wide, often eroded in age, the margin denticulate.
The scales are entire or denticulate and each has a filiform apex.
The distinguishing characters used were rhizome scales with denticulate claw-like teeth, upper surfaces of the rachises provided with clavate-glandular hairs, suprabasal pinnae with the pinnules arranged catadromically, and spores that are finely echinulate.