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small pointed ridge on the exoskeleton of an arthropod

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The denticular spines form a circle around a taste papilla, and the ridges on the crown are often curved, presumably to direct water flow around the taste bud.
Stigmata elliptical; metasomal segment V: VL carinae uniformly granular, ranging from a row of small granules to small blunt tubercles, none of which is noticeably larger than the rest; denticular margin of the movable finger of the pedipalp chela with 12 oblique granular rows.
Total length up to 45 mm; general color straw yellow; stigmata rounded; metasomal segment V: VL carinae with 2 or 3 large, tall tubercles or small apophyses in the middle, which are clearly distinct from the remaining granules in the row; denticular margin ofthe movable finger ofthe pedipalp chela with 9 or 10 oblique granular rows.
Denticular margin of the movable finger with 11 or 12 oblique slightly imbricate rows of granules, the most basal continued longitudinally along the edge, 11 or 12 inner and outer accessory denticles, without supernumerary granules.