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small pointed ridge on the exoskeleton of an arthropod

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Denticles were not observed on any of the prearticular plates.
One somewhat large denticle on the distal aspect of the ventral edge of the movable cheliceral finger of the holotype, the adult female has two to four spaced denticles.
Because the tail is used during tadpole foraging to swim and force the tadpole's rasping mouth against substrates, a longer tail might increase the force on the scraping denticles.
The next step is to experiment with different denticle shapes "once we think we understand the parameters that actually improve the performance," Lauder said.
heterodentata is a distinctive species characterised by the robust, strongly sickle-shaped denticle blades with pointed ends, the evenly tapering rays with pointed tips, the absence of any central inclusions and the prominence of the radial pins.
The cusp of these teeth is generally obliquely trigonal and rather coarsely dentate, with the central denticle often spathulate, but in Granata the cusps are less oblique and, like the rachidian, finely serrate (Fig.
Other types of denticles assist during the process of hatching and are later shed and replaced with a different form of denticle in the adult stage (Raschi and Tabit, 1992).
bigelowi, and lack points coming off the central denticle, unlike in its two congeners, which are taller in height and possess small points coming off the central denticle (Shirai & Tachikawa 1993).
Movable finger with small lobe (eminence) proximally; movable finger length 72-89% (L) or 99-105% (9) greater than length along ventroexternal carina (Table 1); dentate margins of fixed and movable fingers each with eight oblique denticle rows, in addition to short apical row of four denticles; each row terminating in large denticle at proximal and distal ends; rows slightly imbricated, terminal denticle of each row displaced distally from the main row by space of one or more denticles; internal and external supernumerary denticles present in addition to internal and external accessory denticles; fingers each with an enlarged terminal denticle.
there is less friction on the small surface of the denticle tips.
The denticle grooves on several Majungatholus bones were, on average, spaced about 0.
Each chelicera has one curved terminal denticle, one primary denticle, and intermediate and smaller denticles in between, for a total of approximately 25 denticles.