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small pointed ridge on the exoskeleton of an arthropod

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Denticles were not observed on any of the prearticular plates.
4-6) was characterised by possessing a greatly depressed head and flat snout that is pointed and wedge-shaped in lateral view, with simple nasal flaps and no nasoral grooves, an arched mouth with well developed upper and labial furrows, body not compressed, spindle or tadpole shaped, a large first dorsal fin proceeded closely by a larger second dorsal fin, moderately sized, paddle shaped pectoral fins, very large pelvic fins and anal fin and a moderately-sized caudal fin with no crest of denticles.
The edges of Majungatholus' bladelike teeth, like those of many carnivores, sport denticles.
One somewhat large denticle on the distal aspect of the ventral edge of the movable cheliceral finger of the holotype, the adult female has two to four spaced denticles.
Anterior margin with sharp keel; posterior margin with double row of small, evenly spaced, ventrally curved denticles, separated from each other by a shallow median groove extending for nearly the entire preserved length.
Chelicera: robust, manus with dorsal surface smooth proximally, with scattered granules distally, dorsointernal carina at base of fixed finger granular; ventral surface of manus smooth with sparse setation centrally, dense brush of setae on medial apical aspect and base of fixed finger; dentition following typical buthid pattern: fixed finger with large distal tine, moderate subdistal denticle and large proximal bicusp on dentate margin, two prominent denticles on ventral aspect; movable finger with large dorsal distal tine, and shorter downward deflected ventral distal tine; dorsal margin of movable finger with two subdistal denticles and two small contiguous proximal denticles; ventral margin with two robust subdistal denticles.
5); vesica with apex of dorsal portion small, with a small preapical denticle, base nearly constricted; ventral portion of vesica about two times as long as dorsal portion, reaching caudal margin of phallotheca, tapering and expanded towards the apex (Fig.
Because the caudal spine is a modified dermal denticle, lacking innervation, the spine can be easily clipped without causing pain or injury to the ray (Johansson et al.
The dermal denticle samples were all taken from the flanks just below the first dorsal fin.