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of metal e.g.


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She wore a short skirt of red and yellow and her hair, instead of being banged, was a tangle of short curls upon which rested a circular crown of silver--much dented and twisted because the Queen had thrown her head at so many things so many times.
A lot of literatures are available for assessment of dented pipes.
First make sure the dented surface does not have any loose paint chips or cracking in the metal.
Tests were performed to determine the capacity and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of two separate air-conditioning condensers as increasingly larger portions of their condenser fins were dented.
Dented carpet: Iron a damp cloth over affected areas for 30 seconds, then "rake" fibers with your fingers.
If it's dented, the damage can be undone with a hydraulic dent raiser (Brownells) or by fabricating a wooden dowel so one end is rounded and the the dowel is a snug fit in the tube.
Determining whether a vehicle has been damaged by hail or intentionally dented or scratched, however, requires only a straightforward inspection, some basic facts about hail and weather conditions, and a good camera.