dentate nucleus

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a large laminar nucleus of grey matter within the white matter of each cerebral hemisphere

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Finally, the posterolateral portions of cerebellar hemispheres are the neocerebellum (cerebro-cerebellum); axons originating from the dentate nucleus project to contralateral motor and pre-motor areas via the thalamus.
In PSP, neuronal loss with gliosis in subcortical regions (basal ganglia, subthalamic nucleus, and substantia nigra) and dentate nucleus is typical.
35) Additionally, only GAD65 is diminished in the dentate nucleus of autistic cerebellums.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showed diffuse white matter lesions scattered in the subcortical and deep white matter over both cerebral hemispheres and periventricular region, most prominent in the left parietal lobe and frontoparietal regions, and subtle hyperintense lesions in bilateral dentate nucleus (Figure, panel A).
One such group of tracts, the dentothalamocortical pathways, brings information about oromotor function and speech production from the dentate nucleus.