dentate nucleus

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a large laminar nucleus of grey matter within the white matter of each cerebral hemisphere

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Finally, the posterolateral portions of cerebellar hemispheres are the neocerebellum (cerebro-cerebellum); axons originating from the dentate nucleus project to contralateral motor and pre-motor areas via the thalamus.
17) In FTLD-tau (PSP), there is notable neuronal loss and gliosis in the subthalamic nucleus, lateral thalamic nucleus, globus pallidus, and cerebellar dentate nucleus, where grumose degeneration of presynaptic terminals around dentate neurons is often prominent and can be demonstrated with immunostains for synaptophysin.
One such group of tracts, the dentothalamocortical pathways, brings information about oromotor function and speech production from the dentate nucleus.
6) Autopsy series in aceruloplasminemia have demonstrated severe iron deposition and extensive neuronal loss within the neostriatum, dentate nucleus, and thalamus and marked loss of Perkinje cells within the cerebellar cortex.
The red nucleus and the ipsilateral inferior olivary nucleus are connected via the central tegmental tract, and the dentate nucleus connects to the contralateral red nucleus through the superior cerebellar peduncle.