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having toothlike projections in the margin

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Leaves alternate; short-petiolate; blades wide-elliptic to ovate, pinnately veined, margin denticulate to dentate, glabrous above and floccosepubescent beneath.
If the respondent answered in the negative, he/she was classified as fully dentate.
2004) Effect of voluntary exercise on synaptic plasticity and gene expreesion in dentate gyrus of adult male Sprague-Dawley rats in vivo.
5 cm submucosal tumor near the IE Positive dentate line Hori (27) Diffuse, protruding lesion 5 cm in IE Positive length in the lower rectum Lee (28) Granular and reddish mucosal IE Negative thickening just above rectum, reddish inflammatory mucosa at appendiceal orifice Ahlawat (29) Sessile, 1.
Patient Characteristics Associated with Receipt of Dental Radiographic Procedures during a 48-Month Population-Based Study of Dentate Adults.
Another perineal option is the Delorme procedure, which involves circumferential incision of the mucosa of the prolapsed rectal wall just above the dentate line, and circumferential dissection in the submucosal layer of the prolapsed bowel as far up as possible.
Moderately pigmented and eyed; anterior gonopods with syncolpocoxite mitten-shaped with prominent distolateral knob, process simple, entire, of saber type of Shear (1972); median angiocoxite with irregularly dentate medial margin, apical knob and process and reduced subapical process, lateral angiocoxite broad, entire.
dentate with its paddle-shaped jagged-edged foliage.
It is often decorated using toothed or dentate stamps impressed into the wet clay, and has been dated from about 3500 through to about 2800 BP, perhaps later in some areas (see Kirch 1997 for a recent survey).
The system is a plastic plunger suction device resembling a syringe, which is applied to each hemorrhoid in turn, one centimeter above the dentate line.
By incorporating realistic BC models into dentate gyrus network models, we will be able to test the contribution of this important type of GABAergic interneuron to complex functions of the dentate gyrus, such as pattern separation, temporal deconvolution, and conversion from grid to place codes.
Small, MD, had shown that changes in a specific part of the brain -- the dentate gyrus -- are associated with age-related memory decline.
Apparently, the dentate gyrus, a part of the hippo-campus region of the brain, is important for memory formation and is targeted during aging.
That section of the brain, called the dentate gyrus, has long been suspected of being especially vulnerable to aging.