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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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Treatment is subject to examination - you need to be dentally fit.
Songs about class warfare, wax babies, or dentally polished vulpine suitors have been deemed by many revival performers to be more cutting-edge than bucolic odes to the ploughman or naive pastoral love songs.
Mammuthus imperator is dentally more primitive than M.
Related to this claim is 'attempting restorations in children is very distressing, making them both upset and dentally phobic'.
Scared While meeting the inmates, he asked one dentally challenged man: "Do you have a tooth for that gap in the middle?
Several measures and scales have been developed to classify dentally anxious patients and to assess their level of anxiety for prevalence, aetiology and treatment studies.
Similarly to previous major activations of Reserve Components, during the early years of these mobilizations, a large percentage of activated Soldiers were deemed not dentally ready for duty.
TNA, AIR 14/617, Air Marshal Sir John Slessor (Coastal Command) to Air Marshal Sir Arthur Harris (Bomber Command) July 23, 1943: but Slessor credits 10 OTU with a single sinking and Axel Niestle with two: incidentally dentally the hours flown by the trainees per sighting were 309 compared to an overall Coastal Command average of 312 hours which Sir Charles Portal, Chief of Air Staff, told Slessor on Mar 21, 1943, "seems to me to be an utter waste of time": TNA, AIR 8/1398.
This week I caught one of his shows where a dentally challenged pair calling themselves "parents" broke the news to a young woman that the person she'd believed to be her absent father wasn't her real absent father after all.
2) Seminal vesicle cysts <5 cm may remain asymptomatic and are usually discovered inci dentally as a palpable abdominal mass or on digital rectal examination as a palpable fluctuant mass arising from the superior aspect of the prostate.
However, a related species Anogeissus leiocarpus, which is used in Nigeria as a chewing stick has been shown to possess anti-bacterial activity against dentally relevant bacteria(Taiwo et al.
Clare Balding, criticised by viewers for her BBC interview with the dentally challenged Liam Treadwell after his winning Aintree ride, is overwhelmed by the public's support as she receives treatment for thyroid cancer ''When someone like Sir Michael tells you that you might have a nice horse, it's music to your ears" Owner Pat Fahey, who had jumping ambitions for Ask, is glad he listened to wise advice after the Stoute-trained six-year-old's success in the Coronation Cup ''He's produced some amazing times in Greece, clocking 54 seconds on a couple of occasions.
During the four days that the team was able to work, a total of 174 patients were evaluated dentally, out of a population of 266 screened people.
In his best loved films, made at the Gainsborough studios in Hackney, Hay would pair up with his stooges, the dentally challenged Moore Marriott and the young actor Graham Moffatt, to form a bumbling trio that would guarantee hysterical laughter from cinema audiences and set the standard and tone of British film comedy for generations to come.
A rather interesting type of assimilation can be observed in Klk where all plosive + r clusters have been dentally assimilated by the following r: *gr, *dr, *br > dr, and the same for the voiceless clusters into tr.