dental technician

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someone who makes dental appliances (bridges and dentures)


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Alan is an active board member of the British Association of Clinical Dental Technicians (Members Communications Officer) and was a finalist in the prestigious Private Dental Awards 2011.
Yes, John over there is a dental technician you see, And he will fix your dentures with the usual fee.
With more than 15 years' experience as a dental technician, Mike is now able to treat patients directly to restore their smiles with finesse and accuracy.
SPC Wilson's duties while assigned to the battalion encompassed serving as the BDE Dental Technician for six years.
DENTURECARE is a company of qualified Clinical Dental Technicians Dean Ellis of Denturecare said: "We make dentures direct to you and have five practices in the Yorkshire area, we are the largest company of its type in the UK.
A Clinical Dental Technician is a legally GDC registered and a qualified Dental care professional, trained to provide an expertise in a range of private Denture services.
Leading Dental Technician Luke Barnett on better communication improving patient outcomes
Divorced dental technician Martin Peckham made calls demanding pounds 200,000 which he wanted for his wedding and a house, a judge heard.
Now the clinical dental technician is on the brink of halting plans to expand his business due to his inability to find an essential new recruit.
You need to be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) before you can work as a dental technician.
In addition to his traditional experience, Tom joined Jurg Struck, a Swiss Master Dental Technician, in three clinical courses where he observed the treatment of patients in a clinical approach over a two-day period.
For each dental technician participating in this study, the lung function was measured on six occasions: at the beginning and at the end of the shift on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
A retired dental technician, Chase used the skills he learned on the job to cast his daughter's stars at his home worktable.
Tutor Darren Ware commented: "While we are immensely proud of the excellent achievements of all our dental technician course graduates, we also wanted fellow students and aspiring dental professionals, as well as our industry partners and colleagues, to be inspired by two of our most exceptional learners.