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a dentist qualified to perform surgical procedures

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They added that they submitted ACRs and completed training and other requirement but government are not sincere in dental surgeons promotions.
It was worth to mention here that from 19th April 2011 to 13th December 2013 provincial government had appointed 503 medical officers and 30 dental surgeons on contract/adhoc basis against vacant post in various hospital of the province who were still working on contract basis.
KaVo MASTERsurg makes it real: a customizable surgical unit that adapts to dentists and dental surgeons individual requirements.
Dr Thoravade said the team of dental surgeons took seven hours to remove all the denticles in an operation earlier this week.
com)-- Today, the Founder and Chief Dental Surgeon of Tropicana Dental Surgery, Dr.
More importantly, we ensure that patients receive treatment from wellA[degrees]experienced, noted Arabic and English speaking denA[degrees]tists and dental surgeons A[degrees] seven days a week.
The clinic, which is based in Marple, Cheshire, sees patients from all over the country and boasts an experienced team of dental surgeons and hygienists.
The practice currently has around 2,500 patients, and plans to increase this by 50% over 2013 through the recruitment of two new dental surgeons in the coming months.
Calls for the ban were first aired in a formal letter sent by a group of consultant dental surgeons at the facility to the hospital's senior management.
As going abroad for cosmetic surgery and dentistry increases, so the British Dental Health Foundation has also expressed concerns about the risks of dental tourism and has questioned the training and competency of foreign dental surgeons.
26, 2009 (TAP)- The city of Tabarka Saturday played host to the first Tunisian-Algerian dental medical Days, held with the participation of 250 Tunisian and Algerian dental surgeons, heads of teaching hospital services and representatives of specialised scientific associations.
The newly-qualified dentists will work under the guidance of experienced dental surgeons and use electronic charting and digital imaging systems.
The Surgeon exercises technical control over all dental units in the theater through the medical brigade Dental Surgeons, directs the dental service element of the headquarters, and provides dental staff support to the MEDCOM commander.
But dental surgeons say Teesside residents could eventually suffer if cash is not sufficient to cater for their needs.
Nice issued recommendations in 2000 that dental surgeons should avoid routine wisdom tooth extraction.