dental surgeon

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a dentist qualified to perform surgical procedures

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With Horace the star of the show, it is left to private dental surgeon, Graham Murray, to check the youngsters' teeth.
They added that they submitted ACRs and completed training and other requirement but government are not sincere in dental surgeons promotions.
Chris Burton, |principal dental surgeon and owner of Middleton-St-George Dental Practice
Then they will need costlier treatment and face higher risks, Dr Nizar Abdul Rahman, chief dental surgeon and director of Baniyas Ahalia Medical Centre.
The tiger, who weighs more than 20 stone, was sedated and transported to the on-site hospital for treatment by dental surgeon Peter Kertesz.
Mike Hill qualified as a dental surgeon and practised dentistry for 15 years, before coming to the Bar in 2004.
IN reply to Colin Walker (Letters, May 30) rstly, I would like to hope that as a biology teacher and dental surgeon I am able to get the "facts right" when it comes to my subject (despite Mr Walker's statement).
com)-- Today, the Founder and Chief Dental Surgeon of Tropicana Dental Surgery, Dr.
9% of Jackson's DNA, as proven by the head of Beverly Hills dental surgeon.
Jagriti, a dental surgeon at RML Hospital, has not shown any signs of remorse so far.
The lawsuit claims that Eugene dentist and dental surgeon Gerald Harper mistakenly removed two of the boy's permanent teeth when he was supposed to remove two supernumerary teeth.
Michael Mastromarino, the former dental surgeon who became an overnight sensation when he was charged with operating a $4.
Dhanni Gustiana, a dental surgeon from Purworejo in Central Java, has modified a conventional dental drill by changing the buzzing sound to the music from a MP3 player.
This is always a potentially dangerous situation and the primary responsibility in ensuring and maintaining airway patency lies with the anaesthetist, always remembering that the dental surgeon has limited training in airway management.
Dr Coenie de Villiers, a dental surgeon, offered his services to ensure that children were educated in dental care.