dental surgeon

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a dentist qualified to perform surgical procedures

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177 new doctors, 2 Surgeons, 1 Gyne, 2 Dental Surgeons, 2 Surgical Specialists, 3 Anesthesia Specialists, 20 female and 6 male Nurses, An Administration, 3 Deputy Administrators, 3 Admin officers, 2 Assistant Admin Officers and 2 Accountants will be hired in the month of February at the initial stage of up-gradation.
His wife Simi, also a dental surgeon, in a black abaya and matching shayla, said the family loves the UAE like their own country.
So far 1335 dental surgeons have graduated from this institution.
Vila was also the dental surgeon of then President Fidel V.
Dr Laila Harub al Kharusi, Fellow Dental Surgeon Harub Dental Surgery.
Chris Burton, principal dental surgeon and owner of the practice, said: "We are absolutely thrilled.
Then they will need costlier treatment and face higher risks, Dr Nizar Abdul Rahman, chief dental surgeon and director of Baniyas Ahalia Medical Centre.
The tiger, who weighs more than 20 stone, was sedated and transported to the on-site hospital for treatment by dental surgeon Peter Kertesz.
com)-- Today, the Founder and Chief Dental Surgeon of Tropicana Dental Surgery, Dr.
9% of Jackson's DNA, as proven by the head of Beverly Hills dental surgeon.
Michael Mastromarino, the former dental surgeon who became an overnight sensation when he was charged with operating a $4.
Kifaya Ifthikar, a Dental Surgeon from Kandy, who lives presently with her husband in Riyadh told Asian Tribune that she visited Rizana Nafeek three weeks ago at the at Dawdami prison.
Dhanni Gustiana, a dental surgeon from Purworejo in Central Java, has modified a conventional dental drill by changing the buzzing sound to the music from a MP3 player.
Dr Coenie de Villiers, a dental surgeon, offered his services to ensure that children were educated in dental care.
E[sz]E[sz] In a meeting with representatives of the medical, the pharmacist and the dental surgeon associations, Baddou said that the measures and procedures aiming to provide health care for people infected with the virus in its first phase contributed to limit the spread of the disease.