dental school

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a graduate school offering study leading to degrees in dentistry

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While the American Dental Association pays lip service to student dentists and helping them cope with the enormous debt resulting from dental school, TEAM 1500 warns that the ADA is poised to approve new guidelines that will add another $35,000 to $50,000 to the debt load of many recent dental school graduates.
Effective admissions practices to achieve greater student diversity in dental schools.
As might be expected, dental school enrollment follows a pattern similar to the trend in the number of dental schools.
collapse agreement for the supply of inputs dental school dental module luis cruz martinez, oral health program junaeb.
There was talk that funding for a dental school might be broached in the coming legislative session, but Rahn said his university has more immediate priorities.
There were no lectures or clinical experiences in dental school about providing care to individuals with special needs.
It's been my experience that schools seriously use the program to look over candidates that they're willing to admit to medical or dental school," says Maureen Pierce-Anyan, "so it gives the students a one-up, at least in terms of getting an interview.
The Army Dental School at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center developed a standardized training program for the internships emphasizing clinical dentistry and oral sui"geiy (2)(pp814-815)
Citing an average of almost seven faculty vacancies per dental school and an average pay gap between general practice dentists and clinical faculty of $86,000 a year, the report offers a comprehensive outline for restoring teaching numbers.
especially as he failed in first bid to get into dental school A YOUNG dentist who's won a top award for the second year running has revealed he initially failed to get into dental school.
Professor Mike Lewis, Dean of the dental school, said: "These twin developments are major steps forward for the dental school and dental hospital.
Newcastle University's Dental School, one of the country's leading dental teaching and research institutions, needs to recruit hundreds of new patients to enable the training of its young dentists and is looking for volunteers of all ages.
London, Oct 27 (ANI): University of Maryland Dental School researchers have indicated that sex hormones may be the biological reason why men are at greater risk than women for destructive periodontitis, an infection of the gums.
The expansion in the student intake in the dental school, from 55 a few years ago to 64 today to 75 in 2010, a 33% increase, has to be backed up by growth in continuing dental education in Wales.
Health minister Shona Robison joined the first students at the official opening of Aberdeen Dental School.