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the prevention of disease

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Such a comprehensive approach to care, including case management, education, dental prophylaxis and early intervention for mental or behavioral problems, is key to meeting a person's whole health needs.
A number of antimicrobial drugs are likely to be as effective as clindamycin for dental prophylaxis, if indeed any antimicrobial drug is truly needed, and these are considerably less likely to produce what is probably the side effect described in this report.
No specialized, over-all type of dental service should be provided, such as the use of sodium fluoride, dental prophylaxis or even urea compounds.
The study found that pregnant women who received dental prophylaxis care, which involves the removal of plaque above and below the gum line, had better birth outcomes.
7) Other areas of the mouth can act as reservoirs for bacteria that can then re-colonize on teeth following dental prophylaxis or treatment.
To protect the horse's mouth, the animal should undergo regular dental prophylaxis, called floating, which involves filing sharp enamel edges.