dental procedure

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a procedure employed by a dentist

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Angina (chest pain): Patients with new or unpredictable chest pain should wait on elective dental procedures until their condition has been evaluated by their physician and is under control.
How to improve your smile (part 1) Cosmetic dental procedures are one way of improving the look of your smile.
He feels as though his multifocal approach to patient care including his dedication to providing cutting edge dental procedures and using the latest technologies as well as putting patient comfort and care first has allowed him to truly give his patients the kind of dental health care they need to have a healthy, beautiful smile.
Tavares was soon admitted into the Maui Medical Center after the dental procedure, since she did not not regain consiousness.
The first general anaesthetic that children receive, is usually for a dental procedure.
For the last half-century, we have emphasized to our patients the importance of antibiotic prophylaxis prior to dental procedures in order to prevent the rare, but life-threatening infective endocarditis.
Chase also said that after any dental procedure, it's crucial to watch for swelling.
The level of bacteremia in daily activities is low, but is similar to the level associated with dental procedures.
This is present perceived pain of some dental procedure.
Fluoride treatment was not a fully recognized dental procedure at the time and thus nothing was being denied or imposed as a result of Dr.
Kristen Maloney looked as comfortable as someone awaiting a dental procedure.
Isolite Mouthpieces are soft and comfortable and provide an added measure of safety during the dental procedure - protecting the patient from foreign body aspiration and shielding the tongue and cheek from injury by the handpiece or other dental instruments.
With the tongue retracted by the mouthpiece, it is kept away from the dental procedure and the dental drill, the manufacturer states.
Most patients with heart conditions don't need to take antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection prior to a dental procedure, according to revised American Heart Association guidelines.
1) These accumulations of air are rare after a dental procedure.