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He said only active faculty member of public sector university and affiliated college like (Assistant, Associate and full Professor), and active medical or dental practitioner will be eligible against these
The dental practitioner, whether it be the dental assistant or dental hygienist, twists, leans, bends and maneuvers their body in order to perform their duties.
A dental hygienist would qualify by completing at least one year of dental practitioner education and training as established by the board by rule.
An inadequate level of reimbursement to dental practitioners further complicates the lack of access to necessary services by persons with disabilities.
These devices offer every dental practitioner the opportunity to experience improved workflow, reduced downtime, and more flexibility in their practice.
While discussing the issues of the students who are studying In Cuba, the Committee decided that they will have to appear in the PM&DC National Examination Board Examination (NEB) in order to get registered in Pakistan as medical dental practitioner.
Hollins, a dental practitioner and facilitator of dental nurse training courses in the UK, provides trainee dental nurses preparing for the UK's National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) National Diploma in Dental Nursing exam with a study guide.
Designing a mouth guard for young athletes can be a challenge for the dental practitioner due to the athletes' mixed dentition and constant changes including tooth eruption and facial growth.
This state-of-the-art system provides the dental practitioner with benefits and features unsurpassed by any comparable system available today.
has released a new electronic dental record solution for patient file-sharing, dentist-to-dentist communication, and dental practitioner collaboration created to increase efficiency and improve patient care.
5") provides key information about pharmacologic agents used by the dental practitioner in general or specialty practice.
Present electric technology delivers to the dental practitioner cutting instruments that are more efficient than air turbines can supply.
Professor Philip Rood, a dental practitioner from King's College London, said John Evans-Appiah had given a dentist the go ahead to proceed with an extraction under local anaesthetic when he realised tragic 10-year-old Darren Denholm wasn't fully unconscious.
The goal of Dentrix is to continually improve the efficiency of a dental practice so the dental practitioner can focus on providing the best quality care to patients," said Steve Roberts, President of Practice Technology Solutions, Henry Schein.
He said that practice of medicine, surgery and dentistry without PMDC registration is prohibited and every medical or dental practitioner has to ensure that his or her registration with the council is valid.