dental plate

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a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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She continued to wear her dental plate and didn't complain or moan as she knew that in a few years she would finally be able to have the work done.
Derek Burns had a lucky escape as the nail struck a dental plate and didn't pierce his skin.
But medical staff were unable to find the dental plate - which has only one tooth - so he was taken to hospital for X-rays.
Colin's dental plate, which contains just one tooth, disappeared down his throat as he gulped.
Kidder lost a dental plate during her three-day disappearance.
She had alleged his dental plate fell out when he sexually assaulted her.
Five teeth had to be taken out and a dental plate fitted to replace them.
He sings as though he were wearing a new dental plate
Mr Andrew Walters, prosecuting, said Hopkins had suffered a cut lip and damage to his dental plate.
She had removed a partial dental plate, ostensibly to further disguise herself.
He required to have five teeth extracted and a dental plate fitted to replace them.
Murty's brother Patrick said that because he was the only victim with a dental plate, he should have been identified at the time of the tragedy.
Mr Smith was punched in the mouth and a dental plate was broken,his bottom lip was split and he had a bruised eye and a lump behind the ear.
A range of materials were used including hippopotamus ivory, gold, lead and human teeth rivetted to a dental plate.
The judge said Mr Wood was off work for four days, had had to have a dental plate to replace his lost tooth and had been told it was likely the two others would have to be replaced.