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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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After receiving information about diet and lifestyle, offering them treatment and arranging a time to come back in, if parents don't come back that's dental neglect.
Risk factors as determinants of dental neglect in children.
Key words:: Oral health, Dental fear, Dental neglect
15) Jessee found that physical abuse and dental neglect appeared in the curriclum 100% of the time, whereas emotional abuse/neglect, sexual abuse, physical neglect, medical care neglect, and failure to thrive were reported less frequently.
Consequently, more and more people are now cushioning themselves against the steep fees of dentistry by taking out a private dental payment policy, rather than succumb to dental neglect.
These may develop as a result of dental neglect and lack of professional supervision; for example, premature loss of primary (baby) teeth can lead to drifting and crowding of permanent teeth.
Similarly, people without signs of dental neglect are nearly 5.
Oral disease caused by dental neglect and the ensuing need for extensive treatment may place individuals who are severely disabled at serious additional medical risk.