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I'd always had an affinity for art and since I was working at the time as a dental mechanic, making crowns and bridges and so on, that also helped me.
All very painful for the 23 year-old trainee dental mechanic.
This enthralling story about a group of Ashington miners and a dental mechanic who hire an academic to teach them about art takes place between 1934 and 1947.
Among those listed as Alnwick's Home Guard guerillas in the exhibition are Sgt F Kinch, a Percy Kennels huntsman who led the team, garage foreman Cpl G Wilson, electrician Lt Cpl M Morton and Privates W Baird, a laundry engineer, dental mechanic G Cairns, postman J Minary and motor mechanic J Mack.
It was not until fiscal year 1927 that the Army Dental School produced a sufficient number of well-trained enlisted dental mechanics who could make and also oversee the manufacture of prosthetics in a dental laboratory.