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Synonyms for literature

Synonyms for literature

the humanistic study of a body of literature


published writings in a particular style on a particular subject

the profession or art of a writer

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A literature search revealed only two British (3,4) and two Japanese (5,6) published reports of dental burs displaced into the maxillary antrum; all four of these cases are published in the dental literature.
Reinforcers used in the dental literature have included verbal praise, toys, prizes, tickets for miniature golf, star charts, public posting of photographs, and a wide variety of edible/drinkable items.
He has lectured internationally and has had numerous articles published in the dental literature.
Since the book's publication several dozen more have been reported in the medical and dental literature.
Dental equipment waterline contamination has been documented in dental literature for more than 30 years.
Over recent years, however, alternative treatment regimens have become more prevalent within the dental literature [Foley, 2006].
The dental literature shows that approximately 30 percent of mandibular block injections are missed due to limitations of technique and delivery.
During the past decade dental literature has stated that one of the most compelling challenges facing the profession of dentistry in the 21st century is developing alternative models of dental education.
Miller said that more than 99% of the general population should have no allergic response to amalgam fillings, and, to date, "fewer than 100 cases have been reported in the dental literature.
However, in the dental literature there are no oral health data regarding Istanbulian Greek minority children.