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someone trained to provide preventive dental service (cleaning teeth or taking x-rays)

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And in the Ethics section of our Policy Manual, this policy seeks to ensure that dental hygienists not hesitate to respond as appropriate in the event of an emergency:
ADT students must be actively practicing licensed dental hygienists and will earn a master's degree upon completion of the education program.
The authors find that in states that allow dental hygienists to have their own practices, hygienist employment is about 6 percent higher than in other states, and hygienist earnings are about 10 percent higher.
Dental hygienists work in hospitals and in community dental services, but most frequently in general dental practice.
Dental hygienists use a range of dental instruments and make sure that sterile conditions are maintained at all times.
The College of Dental Hygienists is issuing a Standard of Practice for Self-initiation that will require dental hygienists who wish to self-initiate teeth cleaning to satisfy certain conditions.
It is designed to access the growing influence of dental hygienists in purchasing decisions both in the dental practice and in the home and presents a "best-practices, evidence-based approach to the products, services and strategies" related to the dental professions.
While the majority of the dentists and dental hygienists, 79.
Dental hygienists use a range of dental instruments and ensure that sterile conditions are maintained at all times.
Dental hygienists are most often employed in dental offices, where they are responsible for some important patient care services.
By enlisting the services of a registered dental hygienist (RDH) as an oral health liaison (OHL), a facility can improve the outcomes from this very important health habit.
Tooth decay topic of discussion at meeting of dental hygienists
Carol Gilmore had been a dental hygienist for about 10 years when the South Coast resident heard about a new program designed to allow experienced dental hygienists to practice independently in the community.
In the dental setting, many dental hygienists are responsible for the mandated plans for office compliance, and they would be an asset in creating the emergency/disaster plans also.