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Overall, the majority of European flossers do so before going to bed, peaking at 52% of German dental floss users.
For removal of plaque from these surfaces, dental floss is recommended by oral health practitioners.
Along with the dental floss, the line contains Neem Toothpaste with certified organic supercritical extracts, Neem Tooth & Gum Powder enriched with xylitol, probiotics and vitamin D and Neem Mouthwash in mint and cinnamon flavors.
Tape the end of a piece of dental floss to the center of one star.
Try working a length of dental floss between the pictures to gently prise them apart.
There are two 50m spools of dental floss in the pack, less than the price of one spool at most stores.
SIR - Would it not be far more efficacious to allow fluoride toothpaste, brushes and even dental floss to be prescribed free rather than face the expense of a plebiscite on water fluoridation as appears to be the main suggestion of Stuart Geddes (Letters, March 31).
Deodorant, conditioning shampoo, dental floss and mouthwash also are included, as are bars of Italian bath soaps.
They use their tusklike canine teeth to strip bark from trees, which acts as "hippo dental floss.
Chris Gates, 20, of Moorpark visited the classroom of teacher Mark Van Dam to tell them how much he appreciated the 100-pound care package that was filled with items such as CDs, DVDs, dental floss, tooth brushes, books and Pop Tarts.
2000: In Texas, a prisoner broke out of his cell by cutting through the bars with dental floss.
Dental floss is the entomologist's version of duct tape, he says.
A partial inventory of Gallo's materials would include dental floss, toothpicks, a towel, string, wire, French vermilion oil paint, buttons, toilet paper, spackle, bric-a-brac, a bedsheet, picture frames, amateur sculptures, and patterned fabrics.
According to some scientists, regardless of what type of dental floss a person uses, the oral health benefits remain the same" (UM Medicine, 2003).
In Sing Sing, Martha Stewart will fall under the protection of a tough dyke named Carla, who will force her to make a Christmas tree out of old shoelaces and dental floss that will be the talk of the entire cell block.