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a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge

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Dental Cooperative was organized in 1998 for the purpose of organizing dentists into a cooperative model of contractually networked practices, allowing member dentists to access a variety of benefits from the cooperative structure, such as supplies purchasing programs, insurance and employee benefits programs, and opportunities for profit sharing through the cooperative model.
Following the acquisition, Dental Cooperative will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Mountain Oil.
NDC, based in Nashville, is the parent company of four separate medical and dental distributor buying groups, Abco Dealers, CIDA, StarLine Dealers Association and American Dental Cooperative, which boast over 230 members, 2,500 salespeople and $3.
Rose has also worked with the American Dental Cooperative and Oral Health America, and is a past member of the Proofs editorial board.
ADEC Vancouver, WA Align Technology Santa Clara, CA American Dental Cooperative, Inc.
During his tenure as president of the American Dental Cooperative, a purchasing cooperative consisting of independent dental distributors, the organization generated $425 million in retail sales.