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the art of making and decorating pottery

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Effect of sandblasting on the long term performance of dental ceramics, J mater Res B : Appl Biomater, (71B): 381- 6.
Lloyd, "Edge toughnes" and material properties related to the machining of dental ceramics, Mach.
Al-Hiyasat and colleagues (36) investigated human enamel wear against 4 dental ceramics and gold and found that gold was the least abrasive material and most resistant to wear, although the difference in wear between the machinable ceramic and gold was not statistically significant.
A-line Dental ceramics work in the following areas: Crown and bridge, prosthetics, implants, CAD CAM and smile design.
The future looks good for us as long as we keep up the level of quality and service," says John Proeller, owner of Timmins Dental Ceramics Laboratory.
Part two discusses a wide range of dental polymer composites whilst the final set of chapters in part three look at dental ceramics.
Market Demand and Trends for Dental Ceramic Materials in US covering dental prosthetics, US dental Ceramics demand by ceramics type, Dental Zirconium demand, glass ceramics demand.
Selected peer-reviewed papers from the conference cover topics such as basic failure phenomena, indentation fracture, and fracture and fractography of structural, electro- and bio- dental ceramics.
Many dental ceramics contain a crystal phase and a glass phase based on the silica structure.
The strength and reliability of surface treated Yttria stabilized Zirconia dental ceramics has been studied by Toma Kosma et al.